Friends and Colleagues,


It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this newsletter as the terrible events in Manchester and London have unfolded – it was superb to see all the emergency services pulling together as one to deal with the incidents. It also, sadly, made me feel glad to be retired and watching rather than being involved.  I have no idea how the British police force is supposed to deal with all the issues that are being put on them while numbers continue to drop.  Is it just me but I believe extra CPSO’s is fine except it is NOT THE SAME as having extra Police Officers in the community.  However, the Police cannot be expected to deal with all things and increasing numbers is a long-term issue as there is also the experience and knowledge that needs to be replaced. I do wonder if we are heading towards a National ‘Terrorist’ Unit that deals with issues all over the country much like the NCA.


The NARPO Conference 2017 is taking place in Scarborough on Friday 8th September where the only motion to consider is: –


Motion No 1                    Rules of the Association              NEC

To accept new rules of the Association as drafted in Circular 09/2017.

Explanatory Note

Following the long and inclusive period of consultation with Branches the NEC are proposing a new set of rules for the Association which they believe are consistent with the aims and objectives of the Association and which will clarify several uncertainties within the current rules. The NEC believe that these new rules will ensure that NARPO will be an Association of retired police officers, run for the benefit of retired police officers and managed by retired police officers.  The NEC also believe that the new rules will be easier to read and understand whilst still future proofing ourselves to reflect current policing trends.


I have reported on the rules changes in the last newsletters and hopefully these new (simpler) rules will be accepted without further debate. If accepted they will come into effect from 1st January 2018 and I presume that, as in previous years, all members will be sent a copy of the new Association rules.


The Middlesbrough Reunion on 19th May was enjoyed by those that attended and we will have another in the future.  The committee has noted that there is a tendency for members to only attend who live or worked in the area where the event takes place.  All the events are open to ANY retired officer so in future I intend to show them as a Retired Police Officer Reunion in the hope that more of you feel you can attend.


It is sad to note that there have been a number of retired officers who have passed away recently and letters have not been sent by the force. I am aware that families may not wish to pass on details, or they ring to speak to the Welfare Officer and if not there choose not to leave details.  Welfare and Human Resources has changed its name to ‘Wellbeing’!!!  I have sent funeral details in and no action has taken place which may be unlucky or there is a change of policy that has not been approved to no longer send Death Fund notice letters out.  There is a requirement to notify any deduction from your pension that can only be changed by the fund members.


The missing funeral drape has also failed to materialise so I will be writing to the Chief Constable about both these issues.


I am, again, conscious that a large amount of news is now passed round the members by our Narpocleveland Facebook page and the mass email system. There has now been a useful addition thanks to Steve Pennington that can also be found on Facebook under Cleveland Police.  It should not be mixed up with the official force page and can only be accessed by invitation from members.  It is full of memories and is well worth joining if you know someone who can invite you and you abide by the group rules.   The national site at www.narpo.org.uk is full of up to date information for all members to access. It is unfortunate that those of you who prefer not to use, or do not have access to these ‘tools’ have to rely on old fashioned written news via Narpo News and our newsletter.  I am conscious that for many of you, items are ‘old news’ but the branch always tries to ensure that ALL members are kept up to date.