I am glad to report that Margaret Hunter has returned to work and, fingers crossed, all is running smoothly. I have mentioned the Death Fund letters in the past and I now have the latest update on what may happen.  I need to remind you that the letter is sent to notify a deduction of money from your pension – NOT the actual loss.  I have pointed out to the Senior Business Transformation Officer for Cleveland Police that most of those still receiving written notice do NOT have computers or internet access, hence the need for written notice.  As it relates to a deduction from pension the member is the ONLY person who can alter the requirement to notify any deduction.


I know many of you have withdrawn from receiving the letter, but it is over 20 years since a full check was carried out. I believe the force may send out a letter to ALL those on the current mailing list asking if you still want to be notified of any deduction by letter, if you are prepared to be notified by email, OR you wish to be removed from the mailing list.


The branch, using its own systems, is now able to notify members quicker than the force of any loss and as I have already mentioned is something we wish to improve. Ultimately the ‘grapevine’ is still the best way to find out about former friends and colleagues and if we can improve that then it helps all of us.


We are still helping members when we are asked but I am sure there are more of you we can assist in some way.

The Welfare Fund is here for your use should you need it. All requests, including costs that may result from using the service above, will be considered but we do have to ensure that any request falls within our rules.  The Welfare Fund is here to help you so if you feel you need assistance or advice please feel free to contact me on 01642/714727 or email Narpo.cleveland@outlook.com



I have already mentioned the increase due following the September CPI figure of 3%. We are still watching for any action with Injury Awards and there is one item of interest.  As you are aware the use of age as a method of lowering Injury Awards has been proved to be illegal.  Some forces are still trying to find ways to reduce payments as they are entitled to do – legally!!  However, many forces have been reducing Injury Awards because of ‘old’ information held in personal health records indicating there were pre-existing conditions etc.  The Information Commissioner has confirmed that in future force medical officers would NOT have access to member’s previous health records.  It did, in many cases, seriously affect the amount of money received,


Bereavements since the last meeting.

The following members have passed away since the last meeting: –

Full members Alan Harris, Peter Hobbs, Mick Marshall – Deane, Bill Newham, Derek Grice and widow members Pam Reveley, Kathleen Matthews and Irene Oakley,

New Members.

The following new member has joined the Association since the last meeting: –

Full members Alan Stockton, Eddie Keel and widow member Heather Hobbs.


The current membership stands at 1246


As you can see there has been a slowing down of membership If you know anyone who is NOT a member, particularly those recently retired PLEASE give them the branch details so we can keep the membership growing.  As you may have noticed we are also happy to accept membership from those close to retirement but still working: that has been the benefit of taking part in the Pre-Retirement courses.


There are two points I would like to mention. Sadly the welfare department and myself are reliant on calls from members or their families to pass on information. Where this has not happened the force has been unable to send notices to members. Similarly if I am not informed about changes of address I may lose touch with some members for a time. Please! Let the welfare department or myself know about any changes.